Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Were Waiting

In this situation in Nevada, most of us knew it was only a matter of time, until some distraction was introduced.  Seriously, I expect more creativity out of progressives!   The race card, again?  I had no sooner finished the article in Contemplation, when I was fortunate enough to view a letter, a video, and an interview with one of Mr. Bundy's body guards.

When the BLM first invaded the Bundy ranch, I had to seriously search to find articles in mainstream media about the situation, but once the race card got played, it's all over mainstream!  I refuse to name call, and I was disgusted by the term "lamestream" media the first time I heard it, but it does seem clear in this coverage that mainstream media has a purpose other than reporting factual news.

I saw a meme that proudly stated animal cruelty is a felony in all 50 states.  What about a mass grave of cattle in Nevada?  What about running them to death or near death?  What about shooting prize bulls, just because they belong to a specific individual?  Isn't that animal cruelty?

The fact that this original incident divided the people the way it did, but not with enough emotion, troubles me.  I know I stated that concern in another article, but this bears repeating.  The unpaid land use tax is reportedly in dispute of over $800,000.00  One report says Mr. Bundy owes over 1M dollars, another reports $200,000.  My guess, since this is presented to divide us to the extreme, the actual amount is somewhere between the two figures that have been reported.  Once the amount is actually determined, an unpaid tax is handled with a lien, or as was first stated, the sale of some cattle at auction to pay it.  Dead cattle do not sell well at an auction.  The fact that BLM chose to go in with guns blazing is clear indication our land is not under good management.

Once the amount owed, if there actually is an amount owed; is determined, the assessed sale price of what would have been good livestock now dead, should be deducted from that bill, since that was the stated purpose for the invasion and rounding up of the cattle.  All of that is a ways down the road, now that it has been handled so ineptly.

The fact of the matter is, Cliven Bundy's views on race affect all of our lives much less than gay rights or the mandated affordable health care act.  The government is down to bluffing and bullying as they have tipped their hand by playing the race card.

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