Monday, April 21, 2014

The Point in Being Lost in Partisan Politics

While opinions regarding the Bundy ranch are being determined by sheer political leaning, I believe a larger issue is being swept away unnoticed.  I am neither democrat nor republican, although I once was a registered democrat, but since my citizenship is in G-d's Kingdom, I no longer participate in the election process.  I used to participate on every level from local to primary to general, but I haven't voted since 2002.  I saw a lot I didn't want to see that year, and certainly do not want to have to revisit any of those lessons!  But this article isn't about my politics, it's about "we the people" becoming so politically divided, we are being conquered and we don't even see it.  Many folks in this country hold their politics right up with their religion or anti-religion.  Those who speak of "G-d and country" often mean it literally!  Many people take their "patriotism religiously!"  While those who speak against religion usually touting tolerance, are quite vocal in their intolerance of other's beliefs.

Politics is dividing us!  I have to check myself to not be offended by both sides of any argument.  What I once thought were free thinkers, all sound the same, and it all sounds like programmed sound bytes.  The citizens of America are being divided and conquered and the few people who are still trying to be self-sustaining or independent are being labelled extremists, dissidents, or terrorists.  The land is being claimed and stolen from the taxpayers just as it was from the Native Americans in the early history of this country.

In this section of the Goshen Gazette, I always include mainstream sources regarding a current issue.  This week's publication is not exactly covering the Bundy ranch, per se, but rather we are covering the coverage of what transpired.  For those who just make a list of right or left check marks, this information won't be of interest, but for those with eyes to see, this particular incident is clearly reported to play to presumptuous political bias.

Remember, there are people in this country, who adamantly insist that they receive their news from only one source.   Please, I would ask our readers to read and view the reports of this situation by both mainstream sources.  To watch and read past the political programming and see what it truly happening in our own country.  While the situation in Nevada was making headlines, ranches in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas were facing the same circumstances.  Also included in this section, is an independent article regarding the plans for the Conservation Center for the Desert Tortoise.  In reading that article, I couldn't help but wonder how much of the funding to bully the ranchers could have been better used to save the turtles.

The cattle ranches and herds are the lowest they've been since 1951 and beef is higher than it's ever been.  How will driving ranchers from their homes and land, and killing cattle really help Americans?

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