Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Death Penalty

Oklahoma made headlines Wednesday with a "botched" execution.  The convicted murderer is dead, but the procedure did not go as planned.  In "intravenous speak," his vein blew.  In reading more of the details, which truly sickened me, the reports seemed of all things, one more media circus.  It seems many of the European companies that once furnished the drugs, refuse to sell to American prisons.  Some states have found other sources, but refuse to divulge the identity of the companies.  Of course, that raises the whole transparency issue and inspiring the filing of motions, etc.  I'm really not sure how the attorneys are paid to file motion upon motion between an original conviction and the actual execution, but citing drug sources has become a new motion to be filed.

We need to really consider the Death Penalty from a Biblical perspective.  Torah is very specific in regard to the penalty of death.  Any death penalty outside of Torah observance was done by heathen nations.  Rome is a perfect example in Scripture of what is not done.  The man in Oklahoma committed an heinous crime and from what I've read, there were witnesses of sorts, so on two witnesses a person can be put to death, but . . . those involved in the execution must be Torah observant.

In all of this media frenzy, something kept coming to mind.  Dr. Jay Chapman is from Oklahoma.  He's the doctor that formulated this lethal injection procedure back in the 70's.  Most states that still have the death penalty use lethal injection as the form of execution.  When I was researching as I wrote "the Threshold of Technocracy" I came across an interview he'd given in 2007, thirty years after his death formula.

I'm at the point, I really don't care if I'm labeled paranoid or called a conspiracy theorist.  There are many posting concerns of guillotines reported to be in this country.  I haven't seen any verified photos, but then, we know we aren't being told or shown everything.  The first lady ordered the press to not accompany her recent trip to China, so clearly there are times when the media doesn't cover the news.   The doctor's last statement in the interview was chilling . . .

>>Instead, Rushford said he supports using carbon monoxide, which he described as being "simple, fast, and painless."

Chapman disagreed with that assessment. But he had another idea. "The simplest thing I know of is the guillotine. And I'm not at all opposed to bringing it back. The person's head is cut off and that's the end of it."
"The Powers that Be" implemented Dr. Chapman's last recommendation.

I did find a provision introduced in House Bill in Georgia, dating nearly 20 years ago.  It was read a second time.  There was no indication it was signed at that time, or since, but the idea of guillotines for the death penalty has been introduced . . .

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