Sunday, April 13, 2014

BLM vs. Bundy

In following the situation in Nevada, it's clear that the BLM has not conceded.  As soon as I saw the headlines that BLM was leaving, it was obvious they would return.

As America continues to decline, we'll see much more of this.  Federal land is America's collateral in the world economy.  There aren't a lot of countries with land masses that exceed the US, while also having a great deal of moderate climate.  American land is prime, and federal land can be mortgaged by an indebted nation.

As a believer, I've given some serious thought to where I'll draw the line when it comes to rebellion and resistance.  I look to the book of Daniel for what I believe to be the proper recourse.  Those three Hebrew boys that were thrown in to the fiery furnace didn't resist the authority, they simply refused the mandate to bow down to an idol, and they faced the consequences of that decision.  Same with Daniel, he wouldn't pray to the king, and he wouldn't stop praying, so he found himself facing a den of hungry lions.  He, like the others walked out, unscathed.  I'd like to believe I'd stand as boldly and face the consequences of taking that stand, but I don't know for sure.  I'd also like to think if I did, I'd walk right on through the consequences, but not all of the servants of YHWH did survive the consequences of their bold stand.  YHWH's will be done.

Since Messiah admonished Peter for using violence, even to defend Him, I'm thinking armed resistance is not the Will of our Father for me, either.  I know "the powers that be" will use Romans 13:1-2 authoritatively, I've already heard that.  All I need to determine in this is where my faith stands with my Heavenly Father.  I don't believe I am to physically or violently resist the Sovereign earthly authority, but rather simply and boldly refuse to bow down.  On a side note, here, I'd much rather be "taken out quickly" as taken into captivity, but I don't think that's my decision to make, either.

I do know, even if I'm not planning to resist or rebel against the authorities, I do plan to protect this place from those without authority.  Anyone who claims to be on the side not of the New World Order best be getting the preparation done, and as for having heard, already, many have had visions of finding the supplies of others for their own use.  If I'm still standing, that won't be the case here, in the Land of Goshen.  I'll share according the visions I've been given and the Word I hear.

As the situation continues to unfold in Nevada, what we watch happen to Cliven Bundy is also taking place in other states, and will continue to take place throughout this country . . .        

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