Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Food Supply

Here at the Goshen Gazette, we truly strive to bring accurate information without bias, and when there is bias, we acknowledge that and attempt to offer the counter view as well.  When it comes to the food supply, there are two facts that simply do not "spin away" or change with perspective.

  • Fact 1.  Our food supply is being altered with genetic engineering.  Genetic engineering permanently changes the DNA of the cell, so when corn is genetically altered, it is no longer "corn."  We can choose to call it corn, but when species are crossed, that is science far beyond hybridization.  When something completely foreign, such as bacterium is introduced into the DNA of a grain, that grain is permanently altered.  It is no longer the same entity.   

  • Fact 2.  Whomever or whatever controls the food will control the people.

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a ruling that bans the patenting of naturally occurring genes but allows edited or artificially created DNA to be patented.

If it can be patented, it is not a naturally occurring gene.  When the genes have been altered, the created life has been changed.

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