Monday, December 22, 2014

Some Interesting Parallels

                                                 I didn't write this, but felt led to share it.

Santa wears a blood-red suit and is invited into homes by the chimney through the fireplace, which is often left burning or with hot coals. (Hell fire)
Santa spies on you and knows everything about you...whether you’re” naughty or nice”. (Seeks to be omnipotent, omnipresent, like our Heavenly Father)
Santa has elves work for him.(Demonic, mythological creatures)
Santa travels through the air by flying, magic reindeer. (Prince of the air)
Santa is also known as St. Nick. (Ol’ Nick is also a name for the Devil)
Santa and Satan contain the same letters with only the letter “n” transposed. (The Truth shall set you free)
Santa has parents lie to their children about him, both making the parents dishonest and setting up their children to distrust their parents about other matters when they are older. (Father of lies)
Santa causes children to focus on material and candies. (Not spiritual matters. James it says ‘every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, not from Santa.)
Santa leaves gift offerings under Christmas trees often decorated with silver and gold. (Pagan practice specifically condemned in Jeremiah 10:3-4 ?)
Santa has parents often spend more than they can afford for presents and causes them to run up credit card debt. (The borrower is slave to the lender)
Santa leaves gifts under lighted Christmas trees that do not burn. (Mocking the burning bush that Moses encountered on Mt. Sinai)
Santa comes on the Eve of December 25. (Not the true birthdate of our Messiah...a pagan holy day celebrated both before and after His birth. Also, since the biblical day begins at Sundown, the Eve of December 24th is actually on the 25th)
Santa is portrayed as happy, jolly, nice, generous, and kindly...a great, misleading disguise.(Satan can come as an Angel of Light)

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  1. Satan says, I will be like the Most High. Santa is set up to be like the most high.