Sunday, December 7, 2014

From the Editor's Desk

A couple of comments from the editor regarding two of the videos in this week's edition.

First, "Little Drummer Boy" performed by the Pentatonix.  The song makes no reference to the time of year. Of course we know this particular scenario is not found in Scripture, but the song has a message.  As a Talents Coach and Life Encourager, this song has touched me since childhood, as a message to use our G-d given talents to honor our Creator and His Son, our Messiah.  The Little Drummer Boy did his best and his reward was a smile from Messiah.  Some may consider it a stretch, but I want to use all the talents our Creator has bestowed upon me for His glory, that one day I might see Messiah smile and say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

The second editorial comment is in reference to the video, "You are Enough."  I found myself quite torn as I watched.  This is not a theological piece, just a nice tribute to some very special ladies.  I wept in both sadness and joy.  Sadness for those of us who live feeling we are not enough, and joy for those who are blessed to hear and know they are enough for those they love.  And with this video, came the sweet tears of gratitude, to know, regardless of what others say or don't say, feel or don't feel, in Messiah . . . we are enough.

Also . . . Rascal Flatts, be blessed.

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