Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ever Say to Yourself ? . . .

                                                       Contributed by Kurt Schanaman

 "I should have started ______ when I was younger, now it may be too late to master it."? I've been doing just that recently, with getting back into music. But starting something when older has benefits. Such as...
Reasons for doing so can be more noble. A younger person may seek vanity and world renown, with selfish goals in mind such as fame, fortune, and prestige.
As an older person, one may be more interested in not only personal enjoyment, but in being a blessing to others. While being in one's 40s or older may be too late to make a new career out of some things for income, such a soul can bless and inspire others in ways wealth-centric people cannot.
Next, there is no reason to rush things. When younger, getting to the point of fame and fortune quickly is a typical goal. This can actually prevent a person from being all one can possibly be. Case in point... some of the wealthiest and/or Most famous people in the world have the highest incidence of unspoken loneliness, even while surrounded by thousands of people. Depression and sense of something missing happen, when you would think the opposite should be true.
The old saying, "Money cannot buy happiness" is an extremely accurate statement.
I ended up conversing with myself last night...
"You are going to be 50 in four years, and suddenly you decide you like violin so much that you want to learn it? With stiffening fingers, and possibly new joint pains coming up soon? Are you kidding yourself??"
But when I looked into my goals in getting a late start with violin, I realized that I am more interested in the enjoyment others might have in hearing music played more passionately than I would have when younger. I also have a love for my Creator and Messiah Yeshua that I never had when younger.
To play my best for THEM is a wonderful goal. As Scriptures say, we are to do all things in our lives to the best of our ability, as Though we are doing it for YHWH our Creator.
Considering that He gives us any abilities we have, a gratuitous heart filled with love and appreciation toward Him in all we do is to give Him a sacrifice that only He is worthy to receive.
In my case, violin will take far more hard work and time than it would have taken when younger, perhaps. It is a difficult instrument to learn even without age getting in the middle of things. But since YHWH is the One who sustains me, I will aim for His throne in my newfound endeavor.
And who knows... He may hand me the Most beautiful violin ever constructed once I find myself in my new body as a servant in Yeshua's kingdom!
When taking into account the concept of being a blessing to Him, as well as to one's fellow human being, the conclusion of the matter is clear...
It is NEVER too late to start anything, and to do it very well.
Even though the opportunities at wealth and fame may be fading into the distance behind you...

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