Monday, October 6, 2014


It was brought to my attention that I had been unclear regarding the discussion of The Name of our Creator, and there was offense.  I'm sorry for the confusion.  When I said I would not debate the pronunciation or the spelling of the transliteration of The Name, I didn't mean everyone had to say it or spell the transliteration the way I do.  I meant exactly the opposite.  Most folks I've spoken with indicated they understood what I meant, but through this time of High Holy Days, especially, I do not want to cause offense.

YHWH is the English transliteration of the four Hebrew letters found in Exodus 3:15, where our Creator revealed His Name to Moses and said it was forever, for all generations.  Some folks use a U, some a V, where I have used a W.  Some use vowel points such as Yahweh or YaHoVaH.  The statement I made about not debating it, means; I do not try to change those who do not use the W or add vowel points.  It's an English transliteration!  We are all working in the best of our understanding and we understand the English transliteration is not specific.

So for those who took offense, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.  I do believe we are called to make His Name known, I simply do not have the exclusive on how it is to be pronounced or transliterated, nor do I know what Moses precisely heard that day.  I avoid arguing and debating over a pronunciation that none of us heard coming from that burning bush, because The Name is sacred.

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