Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Change Has Come

When Abba first gave this assignment/opportunity to me, I could see it, but could clearly see I wasn't sure how to get there.  As the Goshen Gazette continues to expand our coverage, enlarge our list of contributors, and increase our external links, we are gaining ground toward the goal.  The purpose of the Goshen Gazette is not only to sound the warning, as the end of days unfold, but also to offer the reason for the hope that is in those who follow Messiah.

Rather than rewrite articles or give a personal perspective on everything in the news, we are expanding our coverage by providing more external links.  We may not agree with everything at a particular site or even each other all the time, for that matter, but we strive to share information without the mainstream media filter or bias.  I refuse to assume every mainstream news report is factual while I also refuse to presume everything not covered by mainstream media is incorrect, or . . . a conspiracy theory.

In this time of information overload and the deluge of data, we continue to strive to share Scriptural truth in the midst of world chaos.  We'd like to take this time to invite any ardent writers and expressive artists who would like to share their G-d given talents to please, contact the editor.  We'd also like very much to expand our resources in regard to sustainable living and natural simplicity.  We are always looking for kosher recipes to share.

I will add this disclaimer now.  The Goshen Gazette is not endorsing every website in which a link is included, but when particular information is deemed pertinent or timely and seemingly inaccessible in mainstream resources, links will be included to the specific article.    We hope you enjoy our expanding news and information base.  Please, also keep in mind, we do not control the ads that appear on the various sites and blogs.

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