Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Agenda

The agenda is gaining ground.  Anyone with any business savvy or loyalty would choose to do business, especially with individual, independent businesses they supported in their endeavor.  Except when it comes to the Gay Agenda.  They are targeting, clearly bullying and targeting businesses that would prefer to not have their business.  This blatant persecution is so transparent, it's repulsive, and yet . . . it continues to gain ground and momentum.

Here are a few examples, real or imagined . . . someone has thought of this and is promoting this anti-Biblical agenda!  When the agenda is so bullyish and forceful I feel compelled to link to "the blaze" and charisma, clearly the gay agenda is a force longing to be reckoned with. 

Setting the LGBT issue aside . . . Is it just me, or have others noticed the difference in party politics between city, state, and federal level.  It seems state governors do not share the same political views as those on a local level or a federal level.
Doesn't this keep the citizenry unstable?
And now it's time to put folks approaching their Golden Anniversary in jail!  Really???  Does the gay community really harbor this much animosity for others?  How nice that a group who claim to be bullied are targeting their victims to bully!

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