Sunday, June 22, 2014


I am both emotional and encouraged every time I hear new "talent" sing "Hallelujah," composed by Leonard Cohen.  Included are a few links to various singers, amateurs, and worshipers.  I'm touched, every time I hear HalleluYah!   Leonard Cohen makes more than a few Biblical references in this song, but some adjectives stand out strongly to which, I think many can relate . . .  a broken HalleluYah, and a cold and lonely Hallelujah . . .

Regardless of the circumstances, our Creator truly does inhabit the praise of His people.  I'm thankful that Hallelujah is on the lips of so many!  I'd really like to hear the details of how this song came about.  His songs and poetry through the years have been quite varied and much of his earlier work,  a far cry from Hallelujah.  The song, "Hallelujah" truly seems to touch so many.  I wouldn't mind having Leonard Cohen's favorite scotch on hand, should he ever decide to take a few hours off the concert circuit and visit the unbeaten path to grant this journalist an interview.

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