Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Facts of Life

As a young teen when, I first became aware of "the mechanics of procreation," I didn't think I would ever hear anything more shocking than the act of human reproduction.  Well, forty some years later, human sexuality has become openly about everything but procreation and reproduction, and also become much more shocking . . .

When I read an article about a father being arrested for speaking out against a reading assignment for 9th graders, I was appalled on several levels.  First, when I read one of the pages, I realized I wasn't old enough to be reading that . . . Second, the fact that this bell cannot be "unrung."  The image depicted in the passage was clearly detailed.  It actually made me think of another article I read about Bill Clinton's early years . . . yet I digress.  I'll include the link below.  Our society is choosing to be divided sexually, but not by gender, or double standard, but now sex is divided along political lines.

As I watched the video of this protective father, I couldn't help but wonder what in the world was wrong with the other parents, as they just sat there, seemingly unfazed that a man was being arrested for speaking.  Then I considered the cop, and just felt sick.  He truly was "just following orders" . . . willingly.  The public school system really does seem to emulate Hitler youth camps, in the programming, and the cop couldn't have appeared any more "brown shirt."

It's come to America.  It took nearly 70 years to all go in place, but it's here.

As the video ended, more thoughts occurred to me.  If this father who was arrested, or any of those parents sitting there, would have introduced this book to their own children, would family protective services have been called?  What if one of those parents hosted a slumber party for their daughter and introduced that book to a room full of giggling young teens?  Surely they would have been arrested on some sort of smut or pornography charges to minors.

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