Sunday, June 29, 2014

As In the Days of Noah

The end of days, Messiah said, would be as in the days of Noah.  He didn't say the days of Moses or Abraham.  He didn't refer to the days of Joshua or Samson.  Noah was instructed to prepare shelter and food.  No mention of weapons for the ark and it was Moses who received the manna.

As everyone is watching the Police State form and the media feeding the frenzy, not to mention political hating, etc.  I have a two point theory which is:  1. which I would say is clearly backed in Scripture, that the days before Messiah's return will contain all the evil the world has ever seen.  The second part addresses "except the very elect be deceived" includes looking at one big evil and embracing our self-defined social "goodness."

The war on terror that began so vaguely defined has now been streamlined into labeling many law abiding Americans as terrorists or extremists.  The Faith-based Initiative of the early part of this century is actually the foundation for this offensive "Co-Exist" Agenda as well as bringing the Protestants back under the power of the Vatican.

Anti-bigotry is politically correct hate speech.  It's socially acceptable to be prejudiced against someone you perceive to be prejudiced.  Tolerance is the biggest spew of hate speech I've heard.  While we're all rallying against abortion and homosexuality and terrorists, the nation here and I presume many others are still going to hell in a handbasket, so to speak.

Scripture says a prophet is not received in his own country and our enemy would be of our own household . . . it doesn't say, "Except in America!"  What if the Nephilim of our day are Big Corporations, they are people now you know . . . politically?  Seriously though what if the giants of our day are politicians, celebrities, rock stars, and sports icons?  There is even a television program entitled "American Idol."  I was shocked and abhorred.  I haven't seen the program, I've simply judged it by it's title.  A friend mentioned a shop near her called "Jezebel."

Las Vegas was formerly known as sin city and is now a family vacation spot . . . Branson grew and bills itself as family entertainment with most of the Las Vegas has beens performing . . .

While we worry about the increase of Muslims in our country, the laws of the Geneva convention guaranteed it would increase, as we are required to offer refuge to those who have become endangered by the shift in power, due to the war started.  I'd like to think we're the only ones being this stupid, but I'm thinking it's world wide.

The rainbow is the symbol of the covenant of our Creator that He will never again destroy the earth with a world wide flood.  I'm believing Messiah's reference to the days of Noah before his return not only indicate the signs of social decline, but that His return will literally save humanity from destroying the earth ourselves.

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