Monday, November 16, 2015

The Consequences of Sin

by Tricia Pollok

We are responsible for the consequences of our sin.
One of the consequences of my personal sin was that my son developed autism. I accept that my rebellion resulted in my whole world changing, and evil touching, and nearly destroying my family.
Sin is defined in the first 5 books of Scripture, and John gives the New Testament readers a reminder of what it is. In 1 John 3:4, he says "Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness." Since most would agree that the Law is the Torah, if you disobey it, you are in sin.
Since I was disobeying it, I was in sin, even when I had good intentions, and thought I was loving Him with all my heart, I was still in rebellion, and I payed dearly for it. Fortunately, the depths of the pit I was in compelled me to cry out to Him, surrendering to whatever He told me to do. It was at that point, that He reached down and began to show me I was living my own way.
Sometimes He takes us to the pit of hell to show us His mercy. I was there, and I returned, and today, I am so grateful for that refining fire, and praise Him for His redemption and purpose for my life. He showed me His Truth through the demonic hell I went through with Jackson, because I wanted the Truth more than anything in my life. Do you desire the Truth more than ANYTHING? Are you willing to follow Him at ANY cost?
I no longer blame the enemy for Jackson's autism. Doors were opened in my life for attack because I was walking against His Ways. Is there evil in this world that contributed to his autism? Yes, there is. But my sin and the sin of this Nation, who has turned their back on Messiah Yeshua, the Torah in the Flesh, is to blame. YHVH is allowing that evil in our nation because of America's rebellion. I took responsibility, which lead to repentance. Most may feel blessed at this time, and think they are on the right path, believing they are worshiping the One True God, even while walking contrary to His Will, the Torah. I thought I was on the right path too...until I realized that He never changes. We cannot pick and choose from Scripture and define sin according to what we want it to be, and what fits in with our lifestyles. Stop fooling yourself. Stop blaming everyone else for the way our country is headed. Turn to Him.

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