Monday, November 30, 2015


by Kurt Schanaman

Before Islamic attacks get started in earnest, here is my message to the people of my country, whether anyone wants to hear it or not. Here is what I know about the situation we as a nation find ourselves in.
I AM going to be frank and truthful. The following words are going to be difficult to hear. Especially for Christendom.
All throughout scriptures, we see how the Creator deals with nations and people who have departed from His ways. He ALWAYS begins with people who claim He is their God but thumb their noses at His instructions, holy days, and commandments. That, today, is not only Judaism (which has become secular rather than orthodox) AND those calling themselves 'His church'.
You have departed from His calendar, His appointed holy days, His law. You have used Paul's writings in a twisted fashion to make the claim His ways are no longer relevant to you. Thus, though you FEEL emotionally in your heart that He is with you on your defense, He is NOT. You are merely experiencing brain chemicals produced from upbeat song and dance during 'praise services'. You try to offer praise to Him, but then in your everyday affairs you denounce His ways. You shun those who have tried to lovingly warn you. It has been to no avail.
Lip service without a heart of loving sacrifice through willful obedience to His Instructions. You have turned your ears from hearing of His law (instructions for living) and, as such, even your prayers to Him are an abomination.
I have seen and experienced the demons of abortion, homosexuality, sexual misconduct, pride, envy, boastfulness, anger, hatred, and murder. Some of those have even been successful against me. But I have seen the deception, have treated myself harshly in my own failings with much sadness and despair. But the majority do not for their own wrongs against Him.
Because of open rebellion against His ways, He began His warnings on 9/11/2001, and an economic warning in fall of 2008 (recall the Dow fell 777 points... who's number is that? Who's signature???) Yet His people continued in rebellion against His ways. Their prayers powerless against evil. Legalized abortion continued. Abominable genetic sciences continue unabated... an affront to His created beings. Homosexual marriage has been legalized, even tolerated among young 'church people'... again, another abomination against His created order.
And the powerlessness of their prayers continue, as even those prayers are an abomination to Him. For the people are filled with the spirit of law-less-ness.
"GRACE ONLY! THE LAW IS DEAD!!", they chant proudly, living lives of unbridled permissiveness and licentiousness (license to transgress).
"And we will escape the judgment in rapture!", they proclaim. Oh, but they WILL NOT!!
YAHUAH, ADONAI TSABAOTH (Master over the Hosts) has removed His hand of merciful government leadership. In its place He has established for the nation an enemy no one is permitted to cut down. It will remain.
Through it, He has opened your borders to an enemy who will spill your blood. They will terrorize you (constant threat) and will eat your substance (illegal immigrants being given your tax money, social security money, retirement money). They will establish foreign laws over your land and extort you (Obamacare, etc). In so doing, you will be plundered and pillaged to oblivion. The giver has given, but now the giver will take it away.
The soil beneath your feet will open to swallow you and your possessions in various places much more frequently. The sun of an age of mercy sets in the West and the night of reckoning now arrives. Something NEW can be heard coming in the East.
You spent billions on entertainment and comforts while countless millions have shivered in the cold, gone to bed hungry, been slaughtered by their enemies with no way to defend themselves, clothe themselves, feed themselves.
Behold the rider 'DEATH' now rides.
What can you possibly do? REPENT!!
REPENT does not mean asking for forgiveness, only to then continue refusal to live His instructions willfully and in love. It does not mean 'to be sorry' only. But rather to return to living HIS INSTRUCTIONS and getting others to join you in doing so. Those instructions are all found from Genesis through Deuteronomy. Add THOSE instructions to the ones you already know from what Yeshua Messiah taught.
But do not obey those instructions with the attitude they are meant to buy you any brownie points from Him. Your heart should want to live them out of thanksgiving BECAUSE OF THE MERCY AND GRACE HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN YOU. Obey out of respect and love for the One who tells your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe. Those gifts from Him are alone WORTHY of absolute love and gratitude. Remember the comforts and warm meals He has made you capable of obtaining. Remember the times of plenty. A grateful heart over these GIFTS is a loving heart that WANTS to obey His desires. His instructions for living and worshiping Him.
You must surrender entirely to Him, dying to your desires and wants. Replacing them with fulfilling HIS DESIRES AND WANTS. And it must be a true change of heart. Not out of fear, but out of love for Him in spite of the challenges now coming upon a judged nation.
He may likely have to destroy the U.S.A. because a majority will blame Him, mock Him, and criticize Him for being a 'cruel God' rather than repent. But those who will LOVINGLY obey, continuing to kneel to Him with absolute humility, and calling upon the name of His LAMB over them... YAHUSHA/YESHUA, such WILL BE protected and led out of His wrath.
ONLY the obedient, who also proclaim YAHUSHA/YESHUA as His sent Messiah, will make it through what has now come through the gates. No other.
He... is... WAITING FOR YOU!!

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