Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goshen Media News

Aren't we all getting tired of wondering what to believe, what to discount, what's a conspiracy theory, and what is coming next?

When I read about the wording in a bill as to defining journalism and just who is a journalist, I saw a red flag. There are bloggers asking questions, doing serious investigative journalism, and writing intelligent thought provoking articles that challenge the integrity of the mainstream media and bring the dark workings of questionable legislation into light.  I was concerned that this legislation seemed a back door into stealing our free speech and freedom of the press. Rather than complain about politics or the recognized media I chose a plan of action.

Goshen Media, LLC is a registered company, providing news.  We proclaim the Good News, report on trending news, share some lighter news, uncover news that should be covered, present prophetic news, and sadly report bad news as well.  I won't kid you or put on airs.  Goshen Media, LLC is not exactly running with the big guys in media, yet . . . but most of them are all on the same team anyway, awaiting the word of what they are to filter and how they should present the programming.

The Goshen Gazette does have a spiritual bias, and our contributors may or may not participate in the political system, but as editor of this publication, I try very hard to never present a political leaning to the left or right.  It is my perspective that the it is the citizens who are divided by party, while the politicians party together on our dime.

I haven't spoken with Mr. Turner at this time, but it is interesting that Goshen Media is announcing our presence as a news source, the same week CNN has announced their format change.  

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