Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fifty Years

Just about anyone who was over the age of five in 1963 can tell you exactly what they were doing when the news came that President Kennedy had been shot, and killed.  Most of us who were children can also tell you how the adults responded.
The report that a later President would be unable to recall where he was when the news broke, of our slain President, I find to be of the most questionable non answers that continue to abound.  Perhaps George H. W. Bush has had a jog in his memory since, and perhaps it was simply mis-reported.  Since most of the rest of the nation can still recall the day's events, it would follow, if one was indeed in Dallas that fateful day, the day would be unforgettable.   “Somewhere in Texas” 

The shock and horror that gripped this nation wasn't just seen and heard, it was felt and experienced on some level by every US citizen.  In all the theories about the President's death, I can't really lock into one completely, but with so many "odd coincidences" and illogical explanations, I simply cannot accept the official report.  Two photos from the cnn gallery that we have seen for years, I will post here as a picture is truly worth a thousand words and these two pictures together raise a very pointed unanswered question.

Notice the Secret Service men in the top photograph on each side of the back of the car.  Their hands are actually on the vehicle as they walk along side.  Now look at the second picture as it rounds that fateful curve.  
What happened to the Secret Service?

In my younger years, especially after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, I was sure at the age of ten, further investigation was needed.  The civil unrest in the aftermath of King's murder, was truly a horror, and I remember getting up in the night after RFK had been shot, to see only a test pattern on the screen.   The named shooter for RFK was of foreign nationality and his purported statements are interesting in regard to what continues to this day of our involvement in the Middle East.  Lee Harvey Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union four years before the assassination.  Now all these years later, realizing Saddam Hussein and even bin Laden had been used by the US, it is easy to consider alternative answers to the ones we are given, both by our government and the mainstream media.

I believe President Kennedy's assassination continues to be a part of our social observances because of the discrepancies in the investigation.  When the week-end of his death contained so many variables that were swept into one report as resolved in less than a year.  When his successor led the nation in a direction 180 degrees away from "The New Frontier."  When that happened, as sad as it was that President of our nation died, in less than a year later, the integrity of our nation was also dead.

Believing strongly in 4W News, we must accept that much of the evidence surrounding the death of President Kennedy never left Dallas, or has died with those who were on the scene, fifty years ago.  Many who have sought answers, myself included, do not possess the media credentials that Americans require, yet doubt and voice that doubt in condescending negativity.

The government held the Zapruder film so long, when it was finally released back to the rightful owner who was just trying to be a good citizen, there is now doubt raised as to it's authenticity.

In trying to answer the "who?" "what?" "when?" and "where?" of that fateful day in Dallas, fifty years ago, many have probably had to finally make peace with a different focus of those four questions.  The Warren Report doesn't tell us what actually happened and who was actually involved, but the Warren Report does tell us:  if our government says it and the media reports it, it will stand as official fact, regardless of questions and evidence.

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