Sunday, January 14, 2018

End of Publication

The Goshen Gazette has had a five year run.  As the editor in chief, I like to think it's been a good run, filled with good information that has given many of us, cause to think.  Also, as the editor in chief, I feel the cares of the world begin to choke me as publishing day approaches and that isn't good for my spiritual well being . . .

There will still be a publication coming from this desktop, but the focus is going to be more on what we can do as individuals.  The reality is:  what is going on, has been prophesied, and we can't change it, or we dare not . . . but we can change ourselves and be prepared to be a light shining in the dark hours that are on the horizon of these end of days.  This coming publication will encourage and give ideas about further lessening our dependency on the world system, before it becomes One World System.  The coming publication will also provide links that support prayer requests and discussions, away from public social media; and although it is still the internet, a bit more privacy is protected in that the domains are privately owned.

Basically, this editor feels a real urgency to make options available to those who are seeing "the handwriting on the wall" in regard to our food, water, and health in general.  It is my firm belief that our physical health would be better if we lessened our dependency on the world system and addressed the potential spiritual and emotional variables of our well being or disease.

Bethesda Holistic Wellness is a brick and mortar centre for what our society recognizes as "alternative" health.  There will be a regular e-newsletter, giving information for healthy living, as well as dates for workshops.

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