Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Tower of Babel

by Tricia Pollok

"As I'm reading the Torah reading today, I am reminded that there is nothing new under the sun. In Genesis 11, man wanted to build a tower to the heavens, believing they were like Him...believing they could create and do anything they desired...
Today, man
1. modifies YHVH's seeds, making them genetically modified organisms (GMO's), desiring to "create" his own way of "life" that in reality leads to death. 
2. believes another (elected) man can change the judgment that is a consequence for disregarding His Instructions (the Torah).
3. decides what the definition of male and female is and adapts marriage to suit their own preferences.
4. plays "God" by determining when life occurs and therefore when it can end.
5. redefines sin to accommodate his own lifestyle; including indulging in entertainment and doing his own pleasures even if it occurs on His Appointed Shabbats and Feasts, and when it interferes with his dietary indulgences and nostalgic traditions of men.
6. decided he can add or take away from what the Messiah came to do, making Him a god in his own image.
7. has forgotten that the adversary can transform into an angel of light, and can give man what he desires to continue his deceptions.
Those who worship "God" on the first day of the week, changing the 4th commandment, and believing the Messiah died to make them free to worship on their day and profane His Days are not worshiping the Elohim of Scripture, but a god of their own making. Those who eat things that have never been defined as food, therefore defiling their temples, are not worshiping the Elohim of Scripture. Those who believe they are worshiping Him on man-made worldly days never commanded in Scripture while ignoring His Appointed Times, are not worshiping the Elohim of Scripture. Those who create their own works while ignoring the Instructions He gave us to live by in His Word/Torah are not worshiping the Elohim of Scripture. Man believes they can worship Him any they please and think they are calling upon His Name, when in reality, they are worshiping a completely different messiah, one of their own making, and in their own image. Spiritually, the Tower of Babel is still being built".

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