Monday, September 14, 2015

Prayer But No Obedience

It would seem America has been talking about and playing with religion for far too long and A W Tozer saw the solution several years ago.  A W Tozer died over 50 years ago.


It is my conviction that much, very much, prayer for and talk about revival these days is wasted energy…

Ignoring the confusion of figures, 
I might say that it is hunger that appears to have no object;
it is dreamy wishing that is too weak to produce moral action.

It is fanaticism on a high level for, according to John Wesley,
“a fanatic is one who seeks desired ends
while ignoring the constituted means to reach those ends.”…

It is almost unbelievable how far we will go to avoid obeying God.
We call Jesus “Lord” and beg Him to rejuvenate our souls, 
but we are careful to do not the things He says. 
When faced with a sin, 
a confession or a moral alteration in our life, 
we find it much easier to pray half a night than to obey God.

Source – ‘The Size of the Soul’, pg 18-19.

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