Monday, March 2, 2015

Goshen Rocks

We're not planning to replace Facebook or Twitter, nor are we running in fear of Big Brother, we are simply offering a place of fellowship with 3 priorities at this time, and a few benefits.

1.  A gathering place for those seeking to be set apart.
2.  A place to share prayer requests and praise reports
3.  A place to discuss health issues and seek Abba's health answers

Goshen Rocks offers a few benefits not available in mainstream social media sites.
Goshen Rocks has a simple Terms of Service when signing up, that does not require a Philadelphia lawyer to understand or explain it.
Goshen Rocks is privately subscribed by Goshen Media from Website Toolbox, with their word that member's information is not sold to advertisers.   All members are invited to post teachings, songs, or anything they'd like to share according to terms of service.

*  According to the terms of service with the subscription, ALL artwork and copyright ownership remains the property of the artist or author.

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